Comparison Of Green Tea Powder And Matcha

This difference is based on your choice. Many people like matcha while other like green tea powder. It all depends upon your taste buds. Search has shown that taste of matcha is far better in taste than green tea powder. Green tea powder tastes bitter without added ingredients (sugar or honey) while traditional matcha is tasty without any additional ingredients (sugar or milk).

Texture of tea

Green tea powder is dried crushed leaves that give a rough feel when touched. While the match is a talc powder textured tea it has a velvety feel when touched. Finely crushed to form a smooth powder.

Tea leaves processing

Matcha powder is made from the premium green leaves which are always handpicked. Remove the veins and stem of the leaves then green part processed through stoneground to make a smooth powder. While the green tea is processed through three steps. Firstly, they are dried for 2 to 3 hours, they are pan-fried to further dry them and release the aroma of leaves. Leaves are then rolled altogether to break the leaves tissues and crushed to make powder and lastly are dried to get a brown color crushed leaves.

Preparation of tea

Both matcha and green tea are prepared in different water temperature. Best water temperature for matcha powder is 80℃=175℉. While green tea is best prepared on water boiling at 100℃=212℉.

Nutritional benefit

The nutritional profile of matcha powder is far more beneficial than green tea. Drinking 10-20 cups of green tea is equal to one single cup of matcha powder tea. As matcha powder is made from handpicked pure leaves while green tea process from pan-frying and drying process that damages the nutritional factors. Matcha is 100% pure while green tea is processed though extracted from pure leaves.

Either green tea or matcha powder tea both are beneficial for your health but one must always go for the product that is purely organic. Benefits of matcha powder are higher than green leaves so choose the product that suits your taste and body. Well look at this information and sure be helpful to you. Matcha contains 3 times more antioxidants than high-quality regular green tea which is 2 cups of matcha tea is proportionate into 6 cups of green teas. Though both bring antioxidants, Matcha tea estimated 137 times more catechins (kind of antioxidant) than green tea. Yet, if we talked about nutrition both have, but matcha tea powder empowers it as to get the full nutrition of one-cup of matcha tea you should drink estimated 10-15 cups in green tea, imagine that! If you are not sure, well it’s time to taste both and see the difference between the two as both tea matters and pick the right choice for you.

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