BMWE-041 Phoenix Flying Blooming/Flowering Tea

Item Code: BMWE-041
Ingredients: white tea Maofeng, Chrysanthemum, 6pcs jasmine, 1pc lily

Benefits of Drinking Blooming Tea

Asides the refreshing feeling derived from consuming this natural wonder, there are several health benefits attached too. In fact, it has been recorded that ancient Chinese use of the tea included curing several ailments. Here are a few benefits you get from consuming this tea:

-  It nourishes the skin. Due to the embedded polyphenols, it is known to make the skin beautiful and very healthy. It also possesses antioxidants which help in protecting the skin against ultraviolet radiation. 

-  It boosts metabolic rates. Continual consumption of this tea helps to boost body metabolic rates, with the antioxidants present helping to burn fats effectively. Drinking this tea helps in avoiding obesity as fat is effectively burnt, as well as ensuring the unnecessary fat is converted to energy by the body.

-  It helps in cancer prevention. The antioxidants present in the tea act as anti-mutagenic agents helping to deal with an unusual malignancy. The body’s DNA is also duly protected from damage. 

-  Helps in killing mouth bacteria. Asides the presence of antioxidants, blooming tea also has antibacterial and antiviral qualities. These help to cleanse the mouth from all bacteria which could cause bad breath and dental infections and decay.

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